July 24, 2011

A warm and grateful thank you to the universe

I'm honored to be here in this time and in this place. I'm proud to be walking around the planet at this moment. I find myself being excited and happy about the moment that I am in more often every day. There have certainly been times throughout my journey where I have felt that the things that were happening were the wrong things. But I now am becoming more and more able to understand that every event that occurs is something that has been gifted to me as a lesson from the universe. 

There is so much beauty in the moments that we have been given on this earth. It’s beginning to be difficult for me to see life in any other way.  I realize that I am doing exactly what I have been intended to do, and I always have been. I realize that choosing to be here on this planet at this time in this body in this lifetime is what I have chosen. And therefore everything that occurs is exactly what I have chosen.

The lessons of life and living are all wonderful gifts that meant to show me who I really am and what I am really capable of.

All of the events of my lifetime are occurring at the right moment with the right outcome and the right lessons connected to them. 

I am here to live these moments and to feel these emotions. Sometimes I laugh or cry or express myself in any number of ways. Those emotions are the energy of the universes love passing through me. Each happening is a gift. If I was not able to feel the ups and downs of this roller coaster it would not be much of an adventure. And that's what this life is, a giant adventure in a custom built theme park for my soul.
I thank all that created me for all that it has given me. I thank all of the people and events that will cross my path throughout this adventure.

I am eternally grateful for everything that is happening in every moment no matter what it appears to be in the moment. I wish for nothing but that is intended for me. I look to the stars and see nothing but glittering joy shining presence and acceptance down on me. 

Since I can see that the universe loves me I am inspired to love myself and in turn love the universe.

You can do it

I believe in you

I love you

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